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Water pollution is a world wide problem found in Tucson. Water polution caused by Tucson International Airport, Raytheon and the military will be the premier Friday September 4, 2020 passion. Veterans For Peace Tucson, Chapter 13 has chosen "local water polution" for this protest. It will be held from 3:00 to 6:00 at Valencia Road & 6th Avenue. No futher solution could be found at this time. Ongoing work and lawsuits are in progress. VFP Tucson, Chapter 13 is looking into a different demonstration.

VFP Tucson, Chapter 13 will host the first Friday September 4 Demonstration and use this as an example at the Peace Summit Monday June 15, 2020 (Date to be determined).

Each Friday - a different Passion, a different Host Activist Organization.

Each Friday, a different location, different feel AND a unified purpose to change our world positively starting with us - Tucsonans.



Each organization attending the ZOOM Peace Summit (Date to be determined) June 15, 2020, meeting from 1:30 - 4:30 will be included in an organizational phone tree & use their own organization's phone tree & other communication means to publicize:

  1. Each Friday's organization's passion for the next 18 months
  2. Your Friday's Passion, Action & Solution with all other organizations' support!
  3. Your Friday's organization's host date and choose your date
  4. The effective means each host organization will create system change with support!
  5. The various ways each week's protest will be communicated.

Planned after Gretta Thunberg's Environmental Friday movement & carried on with Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Fridays, Critical Mass Tucson (CMT) represents nonviolent actions with solutions. More than 1000 activists from 50 to 75 organizations are expected to be present.

A Peace Summit is necessary to prepare for these 18 months of action. One Contact Person per organization is invited to attend the ZOOM Peace Summit on (Date to be determined). With all 50 to 75 organizations support, WE will have 1000 people at each of the 75 Fridays' events. We will adapt due to COVID-19 as necesary. We're in this


Register here for the Monday June 15, 2020 (Date to be determined) Peace Summit with either:

Pete Peterson (Vice President and Publicity Coordinator for Veterans For Peace (VFP)Tucson, Chapter 13 (520-979-8229 or email at OR

Cara Bissell (President for Veterans For Peace Tucson, Chapter 13 (718-721-5527 or email at ))