The first suggestion given by a lifetime friend is not used widely in United States' prisons. Where a misdeameanor or even a non-violent felony offense requires "prison time", let us use theAmeriCorps, Peace Corps and military as an alternative option. If there is a breach under that system, only then shall he or she serve a prison sentence. Laws requiring "prison time" by our judicial system must be radically changed. It is the 21st Century. It is time to give up incarceration as a modern day slavery. Certainly "for profit prisons" is not morally defendable!

Our First Amendment right to inform our fellow citizens of the state of our nation - what the United States is doing in our name should never be questioned. BUT IT IS when Julian Assange, Edward Snowden are criminalized!

Letting people "get away" with exposing information isn't the problem.

Our Country has war tools many times over the next ten largest military nations of our world combined. We are using COUNTRIES as proxies for maintaining our way of life - our Soverignty:

The United States immorality via corporate greed and unashamedly increased military spending is resulting in human suffering that cannot continue - NOT IN OUR NAMES!

"Corporations are people" the U.S. Supreme Court ruled. It is logical to view the United States as a whole as one large person AND needs to be held accountable!!!!! In the U.N. World Court we will not allow ourselves to be tried as a country. I suspect we as a country would be found guilty of mass civilian killings.





Making a difference, "We the people" are coming together!

". . . A Peace Force of 20,000 exists in 2025. . . . Everything I'm saying is true except for what hasn't happened yet. It is the young people who will make up this Peace Force." Rick Uford Chase, former moderator PCUSA

May we come together in a critical mass for world wide peace through nonviolence!!!!

Help (YES, your help!) us be antiracist -

more multicultural, interdenominational, and interfaith!

The comparison between a cure for AIDS and a cure for COVID-19 is striking:

Finding drugs to treat AIDS allowed for techniques to find COVID-19 vaccines much more quickly
The same greed keeping AIDS treatment plans from being implemented are found today in eradicating COVID-19 worldwide

Jeffrey Sachs (United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network) in Democracy Now's June 4, 2021show was interviewed by Amy Goodman.

Mr. Sachs stated the adult population of the world can be vaccinated in one year. The "interested parties" need to meet with the World Health Organization and UN.



"When you have privilege, anything else seems like oppression"

How can we be anti - _fill in the blank_ without giving up the privileges we consider "rights" we have "earned"/"worked for"? Short answer - we cannot!

Lesson from the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell - whoever is downtrodden is destined to be the leader and the process then repeats.

Lesson from the book "Do not fear the oppressed. Listen & work to obtain equity - equity for all."

Lesson from the HBO / HBO Max miniserries "Exterminate the Brutes" by Raul Peck #1. We have to realize there is worldwide systemic racism. #2. We have to work to have Social Justice.

Lesson from the HBO / HBO Max serries "Watchmen" done in a Marvel Comic Series mode starting with the Black Wall Street mass killings of 1921 gives insight to a deep, complicated, society.

V (Eve Ensler)"In the 21st Century, men still control, torture and abuse women in their lives. Mascular Harrasment - example, a man asks the waitress to pull down her mask to see if she is pretty enough to get a tip; a tenant needing to have sex with her landlord to pay the rent; greater financial pressure has causes more abuse; COVID has revealed Patriarchy is here - if we (society) don't address it now, we will be spinning our wheels forever."

Religious Persecution - whoever is in power - Historically "The Church" has oppressed those not of "The Church"'s beliefs (dictates).

The infamous Sugar Cane to Rum to Slave Trade

"Police" against coal miners made infamous by Tennessee Ernie Fords lyrics, "Another year older and deeper in dept, . . . I owe my soul to the company store"

"Police" against "Black Wall Street" June 18, 1921

"Police" against George Floyd May 25, 2020 (and proportionally multiple times more people of color killed by police historically than white people)

The United States, a Country that has sought "Justice for All[people that are white]"


Part 1

In the series premiere, “The Disturbing Confidence of Ignorance,” filmmaker Raoul Peck sets out to illuminate the intertwined currents of hate and bigotry running through history. Focusing on the United States‘ legacy as a colonial power, Peck explores how race first became institutionalized, the Nazi program of “elimination” and its antecedents in the West, and the looting of the African continent in a “gentlemen’s agreement.”

Part 2

In the second episode, “Who the F*** is Columbus,” Peck revisits the stories of Christopher Columbus, the Alamo, and the Trail of Tears from an indigenous perspective, showing how “official” history is shaped by those in power and solidified by myth and popular culture. Next, he examines the “doctrine of discovery” used to justify the enslavement of millions of Africans and questions his own story within these narratives.

Part 3

In the third installment of the series, “Killing at a Distance or … How I Thoroughly Enjoyed the Outing,” Peck looks back at human migration, trade, and weaponry, and shows how Europeans used industrialized steel to conduct warfare from ever-greater distances. Then, he explores the endless cycle of militarization throughout the centuries – from George Washington’s efforts to jumpstart American arms manufacturing, to the Monroe Doctrine, and finally, to the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Part 4

In the series finale, “The Bright Colors of Facism,” Peck explores the challenge of reconciling America’s true history with its ideals of freedom and democracy, pointing to the struggle for native representation and the legacy of slavery in institutionalized racism today. Reflecting on his time in Berlin, Peck links the modern resurgence of white nationalism with fascism, slavery, colonialism, and Nazism

Watchmen on the other hand is a serries in typical Marvel Adapted Comic Book Style opening with the realistic depiction of the killing of masses of people in Black Wall Street in May 1921. I have only watched the first two episodes. It is very disturbing to me as I try to apply this fictional work to our real world. It seems to imply there is a group of "watchmen" but who they really really are is not revealed for sure at the end of episode 2.

The bottom line: We need to treat one another with respect and dignity. We cannot apply mastery over any other being. Going to https://www. may give more up to date articles and opportunity to communicate.

** Shifting baseline syndrome (SBS) describes a gradual change in the accepted norms for the condition of the natural environment due to a lack of human experience, memory and/or knowledge of its past condition.


The offer for each of us to live a M. Gandhi's, Martin Luther King's, Nelson Mandela's, Dolores Huerta's and Cesar Chavez's nonviolent life-style is each of ours to chose! It is not easy to chose the way of peace even without personally loosing loved ones or seeing / being maimed. Atrocities can and do drive us at times to feel the - uncontrolled - need for violent solutions.. Publicity that makes the "enemy" inhuman flourishes and has been used throughout history, BUT, each person is human. Can each of us forgive the "enemy" within ourself? With time, yes we can! Si Se Puede!! "When a person has privilege, anything else seems like oppression [even if the privilege is known to be at the expense of other people]"

For everyone, the secular, agnostic or athiest included, "We do the right thing [pause] because [pause] you never know" Dahr Jamail at the 2020 Veterans For Peace Annual Convention via ZOOM this year of COVID-19. Additionally for religious people, by God's grace we are forgiven and enabled to live peacefully within ourselves and further outward to all levels of social involvement. The choice is ours. That each of us has a variety of perceived right ways is yet another of the infinite mysteries. That we each have individual purposes and talents is more easily seen. May it be we each listening to "Our [good] Higher Power" will come to a common point of understanding and progress from there.












The classic book, "Animal Farm" illustrates the slipery slope of regime change. When is the line crossed where changes in freedom (and war practices) happen gradually over time? President Eisenhower's "Beware of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex" is more credable than ever! "Man's Inhumanity to Man - HOW LONG?" was the cry in placed in the Congressional Record daily during the Viet Nam War. We are in deeper now - AND IT IS SPILLING OVER TO MILITARIZING OUR POLICE DEPARTMENTS IN THIS OUR UNITED STATES!

If you have an organization you'd like added to this web page, please send information to Cara Bissell at Subject: ADD TO Thank you! Look to your nearest activist organization - The intersection of all those who are oppressed - of all those who are marginalized - of all those who are in support of the anti-racism, anti-classism:























































































The following links may provide the internet investigator means for further insight in his or her own life's ambitions / purposes

* Southside Presbyterian Church,

* Valley Presbyterian Church,

Frontera De Cristo, Just Coffee, Veterans For Peace


Frontera De Cristo, radiates from border cities Douglas, AZ and Agua Prieta, Sonora,

Mexico to Chiapas, Mexico. It helps people in vastly different ways. Volunteers are always welcome.

Other Key Websites: United Nations Foundation, , American Friends Service Committee, Veterans for Peace, Justicia y Paz, "No More Deaths in the desert.



The first application was taking my home with me volunteering for Frontera de Cristo two weeks at a time every other month for a little over a year. As of this revision, May 29, 2020, my next application, where now it continues to be to transport the model Predator Drone (1/5 the actual size - still 8 feet long with a wider wing span), signs and people for Highway Cleanups, has yet to be decided. In this day of COVID-19 and making our environment sustainable in 5 years - I am hard pressed to decide how to proceed - to progress without losing the blessings of movement & "freedom". Freedoms expected prior to COVID-19 are fast changing just as security at airports changed after 9/11, anonymity from "being seen" by "Big Brother" who at this point is too easy to feel is benign when tracing COVID-19 positive people *****must**** be continually monitored / viewed and adjusted *****by the people***** as is done ****transparently**** by our elected officials! This Republic must remind itself - the elected officials must remind themselves - that it / they serve the people - not the other way around. This by the way is NOT what has been the case historically. The rich have througout the American U.S. history been in control. It is the propaganda machine and availability of the luxuries we have come to take for granted (less so now with COVID-19) that have tricked us into feeling we are free from control. Allegories such as The Matrix, illustrate Government Control graphically.

I am humbled. Presbyterians (I am one) are composed of people still believing in "Just War" along with people like me that believe "Just Peace" through nonviolence with Christ providing "The Way". I know - I'm privaledged and white and in a country that allows me this freedom of belief - "to sing because I'm Happy, to sing because I'm Free, His Eyes are on the sparrow so I know He's watching me". "It is simple, not easy" to profess nonviolence knowing anyone can come and harm or kill. Let us continue with nonviolent, mission outreach, Peace Corps support, Americorp support, personal aid and sacrifice eliminating the need for people around us to feel threatened. I have been and still am racist to a degree that I am uncomfortable. I strive to be anti-racist. For the first time in my life however, I realize the delicate nature of our freedom. Our President has labeled news agencies with having "fake news" and slandered people openly. A great number of us have been quite vocal against the person who is President. For the first time in my life, I realize I may be arrested or otherwise harrassed simply for my beliefs as nonviolent as they are.

When the "have nots" know what the "haves" have and feel they cannot get it, let us help them have their needs or at least recognize the system that is keeping them from getting their wanted if not needed life style. In the meantime, harm may come to people, harm may come to me particularly when someone feels I have what they should have but they don't have my "blessings". At this writing I've been blessed by so much more than I dreamed of and could have felt I'd have. By God's grace - "a wretch like me" is blessed and has been saved. The newly elected Ward 4 Tucson City Council Member Niki Lee has volunteered to help me put up "Peace Poles", a "Peace Pole Garden" in Elementary Schools here in Tucson. I've "planted" the PeacePole in our front yard and am planning the "garden" to go around it" Now I've got to take the ball and run with it for the children and families in our schools. :)

Thank you for your prayers (or positive thoughts as my wife is an atheist [or on some days - simply without God as noone has proven his existence to me]- makes for some "interesting" discussions) for the people in need in and around the border(& the world) everywhere!! Your actions do count and make a difference! IT IS SIMPLE. IT IS JUST NOT EASY!

William (Pete) Peterson (Vice President of Veterans For Peace Tucsoin, Chapter 13) and Alice Ritter on Memorial Day 2020 /Nov2020 final "Garden"

Write now! Subject "MBFDreams"

Love Forever with Each Passing Day's Ongoing Progression In Our Higher Power (Jesus, my Savior for me)

heart + infinity sign + sun rising + "Jonathan Livingston Seagul" + the fish (early Christian's symbol for meeting)