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The first suggestion given by a lifetime friend is not used widely in United States' prisons. Where a misdeameanor or even a non-violent felony offense requires "prison time", why not use theAmeriCorps, Peace Corps and military as an alternative option. If there is a breach under that system, only then shall he or she serve a prison sentence. Laws requiring "prison time" by our judicial system must be radically changed.

Letting one person "get away" with exposing information isn't the problem. Information on deeds done in our name should be readily available to the public. It is a moral and ethical issue to decide if killing civilians is acceptable as "collatoral damage". We the people have the right to decide priorities. I as one person complicit in our nations policy to obtain wealth from other people & countries at their expense in lives and property makes me wonder - HOW IS IT OUR GOVERNMENT IS DOING THINGS WE THE PEOPLE SIMPLY DO NOT CONDONE???? In light of the "Panama Papers" televised by Amy Goodman's Democracy Now April 5, 2016, Bernie Sanders has called the closing of the "Off Shore hidden funds" loopholes back in 2011!!!

The United States Prison System is the largest in the world. Let us reverse many laws requiring prison time. We all know at least one person if not a friend that is incarcerated. In some cases, as in a "mass murderer" perhaps life imprisonment is the only "sane" way to "help" the individual. In Arizona, Prison visitors must go through background checks. Outside of causing additional money and time to be spent background checks needing "up to 60 days" seem unecessary in light of New York's prison population (more than AZ) where such checks are done through identification procedures at the prison location at the time of a visit - no further background paperwork is needed!!!! ARIZONA can do this!! Stop making the visitor a criminal. Start making the prison system more humane! Prohibit private company ownership of prisons. Encorporate a system close to Germany's present prison system. Let the Prison systems incorporate the need to rehabilitate and take responsibility for prisoners being there. Society must step up - take responsibility for the "have nots" and those who are "bad dudes".




". . . A Peace Force of 20,000 exists in 2025. . . . Everything I'm saying is true except for what hasn't happened yet. It is the young people who will make up this Peace Force." RickUfordChase, former moderator PCUSA

May we come together in a critical mass for world wide peace through nonviolence!!!!

Help us be more multicultural, interdenominational, and even interfaith!








Like the classic book, "Animal Farm", when is the line crossed where changes in freedom (and war practices) happen gradually over time? President Eisenhower's "Beware of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex" has more credability than ever before! "Man's Inhumanity to Man - HOW LONG?" The time is right to follow Christ's teachings and the ideals of Martin Luther King and M. Gandhi. Let them take hold.

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The following links may provide the internet investigator means for further insight in his or her own life's ambitions / purposes

* Valley Presbyterian Church, Frontera De Cristo, Just Coffee

Frontera De Cristo, radiates from border cities Douglas, AZ and Agua Prieta, Sonora,

Mexico. It helps people in vastly different ways. Volunteers are always welcome.

Other Key Websites: United Nations Foundation, , American Friends Service Committee, Veterans for Peace, Justicia y Paz, "No More Deaths in the desert.


The first application was taking my home with me volunteering for Frontera de Cristo two weeks at a time every other month for a little over a year. As of this revision, May 17, 2017, my next "calm" is still to be reached BUT I'm on a roll :).

I am humbled. I was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) / Care Giver working from three to five day 24 hour work days per week. My mother and I got to spend time with each other in the tune of only ten to twenty hours a week. "Church" activities made up and still make up a relatively small amount of my time as does "Peace Activities" in the church as well as Veterans For Peace activities as I pursue My God's Will still. My mother has since passed on August 23, 2016, "my" pastor passed on August 26, 2017, and on a happy note I married a few months ago to a fellow Veteran For Peace member. The Peace & Justice Resource Committee of Valley Presbyterian Church strives to meet montly (except in the summer). We have conducted several events designed to help children and adults be at peace and to "discern what being a 'Peace Church'" means in light of "The Body of Christ" within our denomination. Presbyterians are composed of people still believing in "Just War" along with people like me that believe "Just Peace" through nonviolence with Christ providing "The Way". I know - I'm privaledged to be in a country allowing me this freedom of belief - "to sing because I'm Happy, to sing because I'm Free, His Eyes are on the sparrow so I know He's watching me". "It is simple, not easy" to profess nonviolence knowing anyone can come and harm or kill. Let us continue with the nonviolent, mission outreach, Peace Corps, Americorp, personal aid and sacrifice eliminating the need for people around us to feel threatened.

When the "have nots" know what the "haves" have and feel they cannot get it, let us help them have their needs or at least recognize the system that is keeping them from getting their wanted if not needed life style. In the meantime, harm may come to people, harm may come to me particularly when someone feels I have what they should have but they don't. At this writing I've been blessed by so much more than I dreamed of and could have felt I'd have. By God's grace - "a wretch like me" is blessed and has been saved.

Thank you for your prayers for the people in need in and around the border(& the world) everywhere!! Current events news most recently in N. Korea and Iran and Pakistan as well as our personal experiences mostly vicariously through others show an unsurmountable need except through Our God's intervention (maybe through us)! WE together can be more effectively "One Body" in Our God. May it be so. Amen. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. IT IS JUST NOT EASY!

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Love Forever with Each Day's Ongoing Progression In Our Higher Power (Jesus, my Savior for me)

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