DREAMS - partially recognized - This picture shows a small interfaith group of over a dozen other groups volunteering at the local Continental School District in Green Valley November 3, 2017. Each of us daily striving to find "Good Deeds" to do for people and institutions - volunteering where it's needed!



  • Help promote peace across international borders making "migration" a mute issue.
  • Regardless of which side of a border you live on, let us strive for what is just. Abolish apartheids!
  • Be a part of the "Green" movement for our environment.
  • Expand your identifiable talent with a team - MAKING A CRITICAL MASS OF PEOPLE - A TIPPING POINT FOR THE WORLD!
  • Invest in the future (your time, your talents, your voice, your financial donations).

World Peace starts with us - individuals!

It is simple - not easy but simple.

For me - at this moment in time - creating a magnetic (bernouli fractal) personal trackless family vehicle has become insurmountable compared to working towards world peace through nonviolence. Dedicated groups of people have gathered to pursue THE "dream" towards world peace.

PREMISE #1: Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are "Hawks".

PREMISE #2: The Green Party IS the greater good as oposing a choice for the lesser of the other two evils(Democrats and Republicans).

PREMISE #3: The Green Party has repeatedly sought nonviolent means to solve our problems in part by reducing the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

PREMISE #4: The Green Party is committed to promote "green" technologies deminishing the need for fossil fuels. This alone will help build an infrastructure for people in the 21st Century looking for sane environmentally clean ways to progress while reducing the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

CONCLUSION: WE CAN CARRY ON THE "POLITICAL REVOLUTION" [or Movement]. Help me communicate your suggestions with Subject "MBFDREAM TEAM MEMBER".

Will you join me? Together we can change this "Dream" to REALITY!!! We can strive to "Make Best Friends" (MBF) from dreams to reality!


Email me!

Will you make a difference? YOU [with the critical mass of us together] WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!


For "Peace" please donate to Tucson's Veterans For Peace Chapter #13 through the PayPal link above. Some other choices are highlighted in this website with pictures and their links. You can make positive change leading to "critical mass". Thank you for your interest! Your donations are tax deductable.