Instill World Peace

Let each of us strive to:

War brings more war!

War is terrorism with a bigger budget

We must IMPROVE the world, not hurt it!

Fear is powerful

Use Faith & Hope to overcome Fear!

  • Realize the privileges Caucasians have over the "Black & Brown" including the indigenous. Whatever the label, it has been going on since recording history started.

  • The infamous attack on our nation's capital by unknowing home grown terrorists Wednesday, January 6, 2021 has dramatized the three systems of justice in the United States 1) for the black/brown/indigenous population 2) for the police / military population and 3) for the rest of the population. "Not being racist" and being "ANTIRACIST" are two different things.

  • Wednesday's almost entirely white male mob(some armed) in itself shows racism! These insurrectionists, fear loosing their "right" to break the law! They were allowed to trespass into the Congress space itself without fear, posing for pictures, and breaking things. People were killed! They have history on their side. They fear Black/Brown/Indigenous people conducting peaceful protest where they (the White Priviledged) know if the Black/Brown/Indigenous marched on the Capital as the insurrectionists did January 6, 2021, the result from law enforcement would have been (as history has shown) much different! That 400 some arrests have been made since begins to show some sense of law is being applied to this group but what convictions will result? . . .

  • "Animal Farm" by George Orwell clearly shows, Political Parties [classes??] may take over. The result however [in this ficticious book] is a different class with its own corruption. The altruistic goals, in the beginning, turned to corruption. Perhaps working within "the system" to right the wrongs is the sane answer to having "humanity for man".

  • "Mocking Jay"(Katniss Everdeen) in "The Hunger Games" movie kills the upcoming leader of the "country/world"(?) instead of the former evil leader up for execution, because she realizes the two leaders were actually the same, each using the same evil ways

"When You're Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression." Anon. The Caucasian Race historically and generally in the United states has been and is privileged. The world also has this problem as "Exterminate All of the Brutes" (HBO Max Series) demonstrates beyond any doubt.

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Read truisms you will know are true?

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A World Peace Movement | Making Best Friends

The 99% will be heard. The Critical Mass is developing. Regardless of Race, Creed, Sexual Identity, Age or ethnicity. Classism in the United States (and eventually the entire world) must stop. We as citizens must put our actions where the actual words of our United States Constitution have been all along! The words never have matched the actions of our nation's founders nor the citizens in our great country. The 21st Century is the time to change our ways. Rhetoric can make a people feel good. Nonviolent actions by the masses will make it happen. Gandhi, King, Mandela, Chavez and Huerta with their followers have made good positive change happen. We now can rise up and demand our elected officials to follow the morals and ethics that have not been even considered in the past 1/2 century plus.



Alyson Ball's Presentation - "Immigration - The Basics" may be seen as presented before an audience - prerecorded: "Immigrations - The Basics" mirroring Ms. Ball's presentation . Town Halls are being planned to update the needs in 2021. Look for the details here soon.

An excerpt from Veterans For Peace Chapter #13 follows. Note the slide at the end of the clip that shows paths to citizenship vs. visitation plans for people entering the U.S. legally. "It is something to keep an eye on for how it changes - . . ." Alyson Ball

An excerpt from a Veterans For Peace Chapter 13 meeting

In 1976 the bicentennial celebration included the musical 1776. We acknowledge the evil of classism - Watch it now!

Another documentary - Doctrine of Discovery shows the Pope's cold hearted judgment against non-Catholic indigenous people.

Previewing the screening of "TRACES OF THE TRADE - A STORY FROM DEEP NORTH". Our complicity is demonstrated. From the Northern Industry transporting slaves to the Episcopalian Church investing in ships. Referring to the Slave traders - "They knew it wasn't right - new it was evil but they did it anyway". The argument went out, "we didn't start it! Slavery has been practiced in all of humanity's history". The slaves to molasses to rum industry put the U.S. in a position to control the world - quite literally.

"The wealthy people participated in it."

2021 - as a country & world we still have classism! President Trump tried to continue the oppression of the Black/Brown and Indigenous but it is us the people who need to recognize, "We are as good as we are through moral and ethical decisions ONLY! This past half a century plus has not been moral, has not been ethical and values from "trickle down economics" to "Corporations as people" to "proxy wars" to "wars for oil" to supporting even with weapons those countries who are openly oppressive to their own populations to militarizing our own U.S. police, the derivative must turn from negative to positive. It is not an "inflection point" that we are in. It must be the bottom of a "U" curve representing the worst we are at; the lowest state of affairs our country is in.

"Suffering is out of sight - out of mind unless you go to people who are suffering. People are not paid what they were worth." Debts for education that are free to the public other countries (and in Alaska now if you are in the mining industry) must be forgiven especially in this time of Pandemic. 1930's type "TVA" jobs that invest in our future must be provided for each able bodied person as this person is able.

We must realize White Privilege makes us all (as "whites") complicit. Blacks are incarcerated disproportionately to the White population.

Ibram K. Kendi in HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST, Kendi points out he was brought up to believe he was evil because White Society publicized and lived that false narrative.

Nonviolent lifestyles will instill world peace. The recently deceased Peace Activist, Daniel Berrigan who died 04/30/2016 shortly before his 95th birthday said, "I do not believe in heroes, I believe in community!"

Nonviolent Lifestyles = A more Peaceful World

Provide clean air, clean water, food, shelter, clothing, health care, education & employment for ALL people.

May we, each of us, promote this goal. *M*aking *B*est *F*reinds

it is more than a dream

Veterans For Peace- We, as military veterans, do hereby affirm our greater responsibility to serve the cause of world peace. To this end we will work, with others both nationally and internationally
1. To increase public awareness of the causes and costs of war
2. To restrain our governments from intervening, overtly and covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations
3. To end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons
4. To seek justice for veterans and victims of war
5. To abolish war as an instrument of national policy.
To achieve these goals, members of Veterans For Peace pledge to use nonviolent means and to maintain an organization that is both democratic and open with the understanding that all members are trusted to act in the best interests of the group for the larger purpose of world peace.

The Green Party (U.S.) The four KEY Principles of our National Green Party.


The Arizona State Green Party continues to stress Green Party Growth

In The Green Party of Pima County, Arizona goals continue:

Stopping the Rosemont Copper mine plans from being carried out. Our aquifer is being toyed with. Water in Arizona has been polluted over the decades. Plans need to be made and carried out to reverse NOT CONTINUE and expansion of this pollution. Oak Flats proposal needs to be stopped for the same reasons. Reverse pollution causing industry. Be ecologically sustainable.


The Green Party U.S. is affiliated with Green Parties in over 80 nations.
We have 250 elected officeholders in 30 states.
The Green Party U.S. is the ONLY political party to connect war with environmental destruction and social stratification." Rank Choice Voting would eliminate the concern of a "wasted vote". The electoral college must be eliminated.

Concerned fellow United States citizens:

We want and need a feeling of worth and accomplishment! We need to be "going in the right direction". Help change life to be positive (just for everyone). The negativity we have witnessed in our lives as dramatic as it is from the media. Fact checking must lead to being accountable. "Tell the truth" and "This is a time for healing" both stated recently by soon to be President Biden are pillars. Pillars of society should not need to be stated. Pillars of Society should be exemplary to the entire population.

"Sliding Baseline Syndrome" has otherwise made it difficult for anyone to see the change in our government and even our environment. Studying history including watching media programs allow us to see beyond our own personal perspectives. Public Library's have books beyond anyone's singular perspective. Going beyond ourselves before taking an action, especially one deemed to be illegal or against social norms is necessary. Time itself is put into a global perspective! We truly are in this world together!


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the True costs of war!


"We must do the right thing [even if the situation seems futile because] You never know" Dahr Jamail at the 2020 Veterans For Peace Convention August 9, 2020

Ibram K. Kendi wrote "HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST & Tim Wise's "White Like Me" DVD are suggestions.

Love Forever With Each Passing Day's Ongoing Progression In Our Higher Power.