Our Dreams

Solving a given problem nonviolently needs to be considered much more than it has been and is currently. Vote Smart goes a long way to learn how general election state and federal candidates and incumbents hold office. 

Lets make peaceful, nonviolent actions a reality and not just dreams by doing the following: 

  • Help promote peace across international borders making migration allowable again. 
  • Regardless of which side of a border you live on, let us strive for what is just. Abolish apartheids. 
  • Be a part of the green movement for our environment. 
  • Expand your identifiable talent with a team. (Help make Critical Mass Tucson a tipping point. We can and need to join in a world movement for the sake of our existence as species.) 

World Peace Starts with Us Individuals

It is simple but not easy. Dedicated groups of people have gathered to pursue the dream of world peace. Together, we can carry on the moral revolution nonviolently. 

Throughout our intersecting lives, there is a common ground – humanity. We are each human. Choose the good, the moral, and the ethical high road. You can make a difference when we all join together. 

Our Premises

Premise #1: Morality is always a goal. 
Premise #2: Wars are hell. 
Premise #3: Working for peace through nonviolence reduces violence and wars. 

Join Us

Critical Mass Tucson is independent of any political party. We believe in uniform justice for every individual. Join us now. Details are coming soon.