Making a Difference

"We the People" Are Coming Together

May we come together in a Critical Mass to achieve worldwide peace through nonviolence. Help (Yes, your help!) us be antiracist and be more multicultural, interdenominational, and interfaith. 

Encouraging Accountability

The United States Supreme Court ruled that Corporations are people. Therefore, it is logical to view the United States as a person who needs to be held accountable. Unfortunately, immorality in the country via corporate greed and unashamedly increased military spending results in suffering that cannot continue.  

It is possible for our country to be found guilty of mass civilian killings. Our volunteer organization works to stop this. We will not allow ourselves to be tried as a country in the United Nations World Court. 

About the Peace Force

“. . . A Peace Force of 20,000 exists in 2025. . . . Everything I’m saying is true except for what hasn’t happened yet. It is the young people who will make up this Peace Force.” Rick UffordChase, former moderator of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA)